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Surely anyone can sing without vocal training? 
Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how to protect your best asset and to increase it's potential. 

Can YOU Sing? 

Before you pay for tuition, take time to do the following steps

You will need:- 

A Tape Recorder and Microphone. 

Writing Materials. 

Something to sing with - Use one of your favorite singles/backing track/midi file. 

Record yourself singing along to a song. 

Listen back to your recording. 

Take notes on the following points: 

Are you in Tune with the music? - your notes should match the song. 

Is your voice weak or strong? - shouting is NOT Singing!! 

Are you breathing correctly? - you should not be short of breath 

Do you struggle to reach the notes - pick an easy song to start with! 

Are you gasping for air between phrases - learn to breath in the "rests" between phrases 

Record your self again with another song 

Listen to the difference in your practice recordings as you progress.

Learning how to sing - to really learn how to sing - can take a long time, even a lifetime to master. Some virtuosos out there are able to naturally strike a key or a chord, but they may not know exactly what it is they are doing. They may not understand how their voice is controlled or how they are using their muscles, mouth, vocal chords, body, and thorax to reach a certain level of sound and to maintain that sound for however long necessary.  These virtuosos are a limited few and even they will have to someday think about what it is they are doing. For the rest of us in the world who simply want to sing, whether it is for a choir, family gatherings, religious ceremonies, or just while sitting around a camp fire, the ability to sing well can come with daily practice and exercises that you can do at home.

Even professional singers have to practice everyday to maintain their level. Singing is an exercise, and to do it well requires practice. If you want to go run a race, for example, you train beforehand. You run daily, stretch, read about running, and immerse yourself into a sort of running world. If you do run a race without training, you might simply run out of breath and have to walk. You might even have to stop altogether, or worse yet, you might get injured. In the same way, you shouldn't attempt to sing at a 'trained' level until you have practiced, reflected, stretched, and actually sung quite a bit on your own or with a tutor or instructor. Only in this way will you excel.

Many singers that we hear on the radio today are professional. Are they actually 'trained' in the art of singing? Only a few are actually reared to be singers. Others might have a natural singing voice, which does exist, and is enough to get them by at their professional level. Others might be great songwriters and even play a few instruments and have a strong enough voice and message that entices the public. But, do they actually know how they are producing those sounds that are appealing to their modern day listening audience? Maybe.

So, while there are many out their who have 'natural singing' voices, others, such as those who sing operatic ballads, who are not so mainstream, who live, breathe, eat, and talk about singing all their lives, might have a natural ability, but they also know and understand the 'art of singing'. They practice daily, have instructors, listen to their own voices, do breathing exercises, and stretch their vocal range little by little. This is the key to singing - learning about the art, doing practical exercises, and by listening to others who have a well-trained voice.

Singing isn't a mystery, it's just not taught as a skill that can be obtained on your own. Many people believe that you are either born to sing or you are not. This just isn't true. Everyone can 'learn' to sing. Once they have a greater understanding of the methods, then they can apply what they have learned to practical exercises that will help them along the path to reaching their voice's harmonious potential.

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